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[* black] As we delve deeper into the shallow device, we realize we haven't spotted any internal cabling yet.
[* black] We find this 3.5 mm headphone jack and speaker driver right where we expect ...
[* black] ... but instead of routing their ribbon cables over the top of the speaker resonance chamber like in their [guide|52599|12.9" counterparts|stepid=115438|new_window=true], Apple has tucked the cables rather inconveniently ''underneath''—that is, sandwiched between the speaker and rear case.
-[* black] Looks like this speaker will have to come out, but it doesn't want to budge.
[* black] Lifting up a strip of padded conductive tape, we find screws! [guide|52599|Last time|stepid=115456|new_window=true] we had a sad time removing Pro speakers, so screws are a good sign.
-[* black] ''Psych''—screws are cool, but they didn't save us from fighting through adhesive to remove the speakers.
+[* black] ''Psych''—those screws didn't save us from fighting through nasty adhesive to remove the speakers.