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[* icon_note] Re-orient your iMac so it sits upright on the stand.
[* black] Insert a plastic card up into the corner of the air vent slot near the top of the rear case.
[* black] Push the card toward the top of the iMac to release the front bezel latch.
[* black] Pull the front bezel away from the rear case.
[* black] Repeat this process for the other side of the front bezel.
[* icon_note] It may be necessary to apply several layers of duct tape to the top of the access card to aid in releasing the latches.
[* black] If the bezel refuses to release, try pressing the lower edge back onto the rear case and repeat this opening process.
[* black] When re-assembling, the EMI shield at the top of the LCD may prevent the clips from latching if it is not adhered to to the LCD.