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[* icon_caution] To reduce the risk of fire and chemical leakage, do not reuse and reinstall a used battery.
[* icon_reminder] To install a battery, apply new adhesive strips and ensure that the battery connector is properly aligned.
- [* black] Tear two adhesive strips from the [product|IF317-072-5|adhesive card|new_window=true], and apply them to the frame. Do not remove the top liner yet.
+ [* black] Apply [guide|137171|stretch release adhesive strips], [product|IF317-072|double-sided tape|new_window=true], or [guide|113604|pre-cut adhesive strips|new_window=true].
[* black] Place the new battery in the recess.
[* black] Use the flat end of a spudger or your finger to ''temporarily ''connect the battery connector to the motherboard.