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-[* red] Disconnect the battery by using a spudger to pry up the battery connector.
-[* icon_note] A large daughterboard interconnect cable covers the battery. Before removing the battery, you will need to detach this cable and move it out of the way.
-[* orange] Peel back the tape covering the lower end of the cable to reveal where it connects to the daughterboard. Then, use your spudger to pry up the cable and disconnect it.
-[* black] If desired, you can do the same at the top end of the cable to detach and remove it completely, or you may simply bend the cable gently out of the way while you remove the battery.
+[* black] Flip the phone over.
+[* black] Push an opening pick slowly and firmly down the right edge of the battery (which should be warm). Slide it slightly back and forth to slice through the adhesive.
+ [* icon_caution] Be careful not to snag the white antenna cable running along the edge of the battery while you are push down on the pick.
+ [* icon_note] If you are having a hard time getting the opening pick under the battery, heat and re-apply an iOpener as instructed in the previous step.
+ [* icon_note] You can also apply some high concentration isopropyl alcohol to the edge in order to help weaken the adhesive.
+[* black] Once you have loosened the right side of the battery from the case, leave an opening pick in place to prevent the adhesive from re-adhering.

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