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[* black] The main IC diagram can be found [link||here].
[* black] Again, the processor integrates the GPS, audio codecs, and also the USB controller.
[* black] Shown on the main PCB (at left), we see that Anadigics has won the design for the dual-band CDMA power amps, with EVDO Rev. A capabilities.
[* black] Samsung, in traditional memory fashion, has gotten the win for the memory chip with integrated NAND Flash and RAM.
[* black] On the other side of the PCB, we have the processor and most of the rest of the chips. The USB PHY is an SMSC chip, similar to pretty much the rest of the HTC devices. Texas Instruments has its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chipset, BRF6350BL and WL1251B respectively, with the WL1251FE power amp.

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