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-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[* black] The resistive screen is among the best of the resistive world. The screen is very bright, there’s minimal distance between the film and the screen, and it’s very solid underneath. With the minimal distance, it almost feels like a glass screen. It’s easy to glide your finger across and doesn’t require much effort.
+[* black] The chrome sides and the glossed and tinted metallic front are quite the stunner. The logos from Sprint and HTC are also among the best and the sleekest.
+[* black] Unfortunately, the back cover feels rather cheap, as it’s basically a thin sheet of plastic.
+[* black] Also, the sheer size of the device is a pretty big downer. Those looking for a QWERTY device may be expecting the size, but in hand, it feels even bigger than the pictures.