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[* black] '''Teardown Update''': Just to make sure we were getting our fill of secret sauce, we popped the top off the haptic feedback motor, a [|linear resonant actuator|new_window=true] (LRA) that powers Switch's HD Rumble.
[* icon_note] These LRAs look very similar to the ones we pulled out of the [guide|75109|Oculus Touch controllers|stepid=152152|new_window=true], [guide|62213|HTC Vive|stepid=130852|new_window=true], and the [guide|52578|Steam Controller|stepid=117509|new_window=true].
[* black] We took a second to pop open a Oculus Touch haptic motor and it seems to be internally identical to this one.
[* black] On the inside, this vibration motor seems [|fairly standard|new_window=true]. It's essentially a voicecoil installed in a moving mass assembly, flanked by a pair of powerful magnets.
[* icon_reminder] However, it's interesting that this LRA seems to vibrate along its [|short axis|new_window=true], while many haptic feedback motors that we've seen vibrate along their long axis.