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[* black] This is a well-connected motherboard; to get it free, we pop off the digitizer, backlight, and speaker connectors, two antennas, ''and'' the two Joy-Con rails. And then remove six Phillips screws.
[* black] But hey, that's some awesome modularity. Even the eMMC storage pops off with an independent PCB!
[* black] Nintendo made a 6.2" tablet with removable flash storage, so don't say it can't be done.
[* red] The storage board contains a single Toshiba [|THGBMHG8C2LBAIL|new_window=true] 32 GB eMMC NAND Flash IC.
[* black] Sadly, the modularity ends at the USB-C port. This high-wear component will require some intense soldering skills to replace.
[* black] You wonder about the 32GB eMMC will there be a physical upgrade or will 3rd party come out