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[* black] We have heard some mighty claims about the thinness of this phone, but how thin is it really?
[* black] Oh ... that thin. The claims are true; this phone is pretty darn thin.
[* black] The RAZR measures in at a mere 0.28 inches thin and increases to 0.42 inches at ~~its love-handle~~ the now prevalent Motorola camera bulb.
[* icon_note] For comparison, Verizon boasted with the release of the [guide|6449|Droid Bionic] in September that it was the slimmest 4G LTE phone at 0.43 inches thick.
[* black] There is no doubt that the Droid RAZR is exceptionally thin, but Motorola had to fit the internals somewhere. To compensate, the RAZR is also rather large, measuring in at 5.15 inches long and 2.71 inches wide.