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[* black] we will open the tv. first we will remove the BUNCHIN audio undercarriage. So you can move the tv separately
[* black] remove the 3 screws holding the panel tot the undercarriage.
[* black] remove the other 3 screws as shown in picture 2
[* black] lift the panel ( tv) up and remove it from the BUNCHIN audio part ( sole, undercarraige...)
[* icon_note] to remove the screen : do this with 2 persons and lay the tv down on a sheet ( blanket)or something.
[* icon_caution] when removing the screen from the audio undercarrige: whatch out for the audio cable ( remove this before removing screen)
+[* icon_caution] like you know always make sure the tv is unplugged from the electric socket before you manipulate the tv.