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[* black] The most important tool for any soldering job? Your soldering iron, of course! For this procedure we'll be using the soldering station that we sell in our parts and tools store.
[* black] For this project, you won't want your soldering iron to exceed 40 watts ''at the tip''. For our station, it is safe to crank it up all the way to max, even though the station ''draws'' 50 watts of power from the wall.
[* black] If this is the first time you're firing up your soldering iron, you may notice some smoke and a not-so-pleasant scent. Don't worry; this is just the coating on the tip burning off. Wait a couple minutes for the soldering iron to stop smoking.
[* black] Before you start soldering, be sure to dampen your cleaning sponge. A dry sponge is just going to get burned.
+[* icon_caution] It is always a good precaution to where safety goggles while soldering. Hot pieces of solder occasionally shoot off and a scorching piece of metal to the eye will ruin even the greatest optimist's day.