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[* black] in red are the connections for the ear piece and light sensors. they are connected via flop to the main LCD. flip up the brown lock and slide out the flop
[* black] gently pry the rubber noise cancelation mic out of its hole. the sensors and ear piece can be pried up with the case opening tool
[* black] the main LCD can be removed with the case opening tool
[* black] in blue is the track pad connector. it can be slid out of its connector
[* black] in magenta is the main flop connector for the digitizer. slide it out and be extremely careful as this flop is much thinner than the LCD flop
[* black] in green is the main chip for the digitizer. it is attached to a floppy board and glued to the main controls board. to replace the digitizer this must be pried up to remove the main controls board
[* black] the main controls board in orange maybe be removed when the digitizer connections are removed. you can pry it up with the case opening tool
[* black] you must remove the track pad to replace the digitizer and glass

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