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[* black] Use a spudger to remove the camera housing and its chrome trim ring. When reassembling, note the chrome trim ring is keyed to the camera housing.
[* black] Use a spudger to remove the microphone and speaker grilles from either side of the dock connector. They are attached with adhesive.
[* black] Use a spudger to remove the headphone socket chrome trim with plastic surround.
[* black] Carefully pry the glue join between the metal bezel and the plastic case. Remove the bezel and the volume switch. The volume switch has attached plastic spacers between it and the volume switch mechanism which must be retained or replaced for the buttons to protrude enough to be pressed.
[* red] When gluing the bezel to the new rear case, do not apply glue to the part of the bezel which retains the volume switch.
[* black] Remove the grey sticker from the middle of the case. Use heat from a hair dryer or heat gun on low to loosen the adhesive, if necessary. A flat blade can be used to scrape up a corner and tweezers used to pull and keep it straight. Apply sticker to new back housing in the same location. If no adhesive remains, use a thin layer of glue.
[* black] Refit the removed parts using their attached double sided tape or a suiitable flexible glue (eg polyurethane adhesive).