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[* icon_caution] Ribbon cable "3" is held in place by a FPC style connector. You must unlock this connector before sliding the ribbon cable out. The locking mechanism is on the opposite side of where the cable is inserted - it swivels upwards 90 degrees. Use a plastic spudger to lift the locking mechanism.
[* icon_note] The FPC locking latch is very delicate and is typically a different color than the body of the connector. (see the detail image of FPC connector open and closed)
[* black] Slide the ribbon cable out of the connector, and remove the display assembly from the iPhone.
[* icon_note] It's impossible to properly reinsert a ribbon into an FPC connector unless the lock is disengaged. Make sure the locking latch is open when attaching/detaching the cable.
[* black] '''IMPORTANT:''' Some iPhone, does not have the lock on ribbon 3 connector, if you try to pry the connector it will break, in this case just slide the ribbon cable parallel to the board to the top direction.