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[* black] Alright, the moment we've all been waiting for: the legendary "[|liquid cooling|new_window=true]" system in the S7.
[* black] It's a tiny copper twig.
[* icon_note] Actually, it's a ''teeny'' [|heat pipe|new_window=true] with less than half a gram of material, measuring less than half a millimeter thick.
[* black] This may not be as revolutionary [|as Samsung describes it|new_window=true], but most heat pipes ''do'' use liquid to transfer heat.
[* black] In the case of the S7, we're guessing that the heat pipe transfers to the phone's metal midframe, where it can then radiate out to the side—''or directly into your hands''.
-[* black] Can we stop hyping this now.
+[* black] We've seen heat pipes in phones before, but the growing need for them shows how phone processors are getting faster (and hotter) each year.