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-[* black] The soft buttons are once again wrapped around the thing, making a daughterboard replacement (including charging port) next to impossible, since you gotta remove the OLED screen which is terrible.
-[* black] heat.
-[* black] OLED prying (terrible)
+[* black] Just like it's [guide|39174|predecessor|stepid=89618|new_window=true], the cables for the S7's soft buttons are wrapped around the disaply backing frame.
+ [* black] These sandwiched cables make a daughterboard replacement (including the charging port) next to impossible, since freeing these cables means removing the OLED screen.
+[* black] Undaunted, we bring back our iOpener to ease the ~~tension~~ adhesive.
+[* black] We grab a trusty opening pick and set to work on the terrible task of prying up the OLED.