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[* black] And on the flip side...
- [* red] Murata KM5D18098 Wi-Fi Module
+ [* red] Samsung 1316S7 Wi-Fi Module
[* orange] NXP 67T05 NFC Controller
[* yellow] IDT P9221 Wireless Power Receiver (likely an iteration of IDT [|P9220|new_window=true])
[* green] STMicroelectronics [|LSM6DS3|new_window=true] always-on 6-Axis IMU
[* light_blue] Qualcomm PM8996 PMIC
[* blue] Qualcomm [|QFE3100|new_window=true] Envelope Tracker
[* violet] Qualcomm [|WTR4905|new_window=true] and [|WTR3925|new_window=true] RF Transceivers