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[* black] Compared to the 16-megapixel rear camera on the S6, it seems the S7 got a downgrade with a 12-megapixel/4K rear camera .
[* icon_note] However, the sensor in the S7 sports Dual Pixel autofocus technology (a.k.a. [|phase detection|new_window=true]) for every pixel.
[* black] Additionally, these pixels measure in at 1.4 µm—a full 25% increase from last year's model—which will reduce noise and improve overall image quality.
[* black] So, despite having fewer pixels, even photos taken in the worst lighting should come out clearer in a head-to-head comparison.
+[* red] Sony IMX260 12 MP Image Sensor (likely)
+[* orange] Renesas OIS Driver
+[* yellow] STMicroelectronics [link||L2G2IS] 2-Axis MEMS Gyroscope
+[* green] Winbond [link||W25Q32FWXGIG] 32 Mb Serial NOR Flash Memory

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