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-[* black] Same opening procedure, but still tough, and also maybe stickier.
+[* black] With no exterior screws to be found, there can only be one form of dark matter holding this Galaxy together. Yep, that'd be glue.
+ [* black] Fortunately, it's nothing a hot [product|IF145-198-5|iOpener] can't handle.
+[* black] We love any excuse to break out our trusty twin-suction-cupped [product|IF145-243|iSclack] tool, and the S7's front and rear glass panels make it a perfect target.
+[* black] With the rear glass lifted by a smidge, we attack with an opening pick and slice apart the adhesive.
+[* black] All in all, it's [guide|39174|the same drill as last time|stepid=89590]—with maybe a slight increase in stickiness.