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-[* black] Sensor action
-[* black] ports (the phone came with a USB adapter to allow you to transfer data from your old phone directly)
+[* black] It's time to explore this new Galaxy! The S7 is a hair shorter and narrower than the S6, but is actually thicker than the S6 (7.9 mm, vs. 6.8 mm).
+[* black] Interestingly, Samsung chose to stay with a run-of-the-mill micro USB port, instead of the new USB Type-C standard. Many new flagships phones (Nexus 6P, LG G5, OnePlus 2) feature Type-C, but few actually fully utilize the power of the connector. Samsung may be holding off until the standard an be utilized to its full potential.
+[* icon_note] Samsung has also made upgrading to a new phone incredibly easy. Just plug the supplied USB cable into both phones, and then use the [|Smart Switch|new_window=true] app, to transfer all of your old content directly to your new S7. Nifty!