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+[* black] With the Phillips screwdriver 000 unscrew the 4 screws attaching the logic board to its outer casing and place safely aside
+[* black] Set up soldering station, at station, de-solder the leads of both microphones from the logic board
+[* icon_note] Note: This step can be done without a soldering station, using only your tweezers and fingers, just be extremely cautious
+[* black] With tweezers, gently pull the lead as you heat up the joing with the tip of the iron, do this for all 4 microphone leads
+[* black] Gently pry the logic board out of its case, minding that the cords are still connecting the case and logic board, then remove the small black piece of tape that is securing the usb cable to the battery
+[* black] With tweezers, pull the usb ribbon cable connector away from its socket and using your fingernail pull the battery connector out of its socket on the logic board, the logic board should now be loose and free to remove