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-[title] Remove the Capsule Piercing Plate
+[title] Examine, clean or replace the Capsule Piercing Plate and enjoy
[* black] Disconnect the device from the mains voltage.
[* black] Remove the capsule holder.
[* black] Close the lid (as if you were to make a brew)
[* black] Insert the small screwdriver in at the point shown by the red arrow, and the plate should drop down. Due to lots of calcium deposits the plate may need a little help to come down.
[* black] Insert the new or cleaned plate, latch backend first and click in place in the front.
[* black] Once done, connect the device and make your self a brew and see if it is well-deserved. No Leaks - You've earned it. Leaks = You need that cup to ponder where the issue then is :-)