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[* black] Remove the display assembly from the iPhone.
[* icon_reminder] When replacing the display assembly, note the following:
[* black] You may have to reuse the earpiece grille and the clear plastic ring around the front facing camera from the old/damaged assembly. This will depend on where you buy the replacement part.
[* black] Your replacement display may come with colored plastic film on the back of the LCD. If so, use the pull tab near the home button to peel the plastic film from the LCD before installing the new display in your iPhone.
[* black] After reassembly, clean the touchscreen surface with an alcohol wipe prior to turning the iPhone back on. The alcohol helps dissipate any lingering static electricity, which can cause problems with the display.
+[* icon_caution] Be sure to separate the home button from the front panel. If the home button sticks to the front panel you may tear the home button cable.
[* icon_caution] After reassembly, connect the iPhone to an AC power source before turning it on for the first time. Once the iPhone has booted up successfully, you can disconnect the AC power.
[* black] After reassembly, protect your new display from any scratches by installing a new [product|IF182-025|screen protector].