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[* icon_reminder] If you're using a replacement battery that came with pre-installed adhesive, peel off the protective tab now, exposing the adhesive.
[* black] If needed, try re-using the existing adhesive to secure the battery. Alternatively, try a small piece of double-sided tape such as [product|IF317-072|Tesa 61395|new_window=true], or a dab of liquid adhesive such as [product|IF145-413|E6000|new_window=true].
[* black] Rotate the battery down into its slot, and press it into position.
[* black] Press the battery down against the system board to re-adhere it in place.
[* icon_note] Now is the best time to test powering on your watch—if it doesn't turn on, double check all three connectors and try again.