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[* black] to make sure your break pads are seated properly when the break leavers are pulled, you will need the break pads loose enough to move them by hand but tight enough so they don't move after you adjust them.
[* black] fold a piece of paper 2-3 times and slip it under the side of the break pad that contacts the rim first when the wheel is rotating. this will stop squeaky breaks.
[* black] with the paper still in between the rim and pad, lightly pull the break lever.
[* black] position the break pad so it is not rubbing on the rubber tire. angle the pad so it sits flat on the rim.
[* black] with the break pad in its correct position, pull the break lever as hard as you can while tightening the nut on the break pad. check to see if the pad is still not rubbing on the tire and is still flat on the rim.
[* black] repeat for the break pad on the other side.

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