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[* black] Mas chips, por favor!
[* red] Elpida/Micron J8416E6MB-GNL-F 8 GB (8 x 1 GB) DDR3L-RS 1600 MHz dual-channel RAM
[* icon_caution] Buyer beware: Just like in the MacBooks Air and Retina, the RAM in the XPS 13 is soldered to the motherboard, and cannot be replaced. When you're picking out your new laptop, configure what you think it'll need...''forever''.
[* orange] Realtek ALC3263 audio codec
[* yellow] SMSC MEC5085 low power embedded flash
[* green] Texas Instruments [|SN74CBT3257C|new_window=true] 4-bit 1-of-2 FET multiplexer/demultiplexer, 5 V bus switch
[* light_blue] ON Semiconductor [|NCP4545|new_window=true] controlled load switch