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[* black] This particular XPS is packing a removable 128 GB [|Samsung PM851|new_window=true] M.2 form factor SSD.
[* red] 2 x Samsung 431 K9CHGY8S5M-CCK0 64 GB TLC NAND Flash
[* orange] Samsung 428 [|K4P2G324ED|new_window=true]-FGC2 512 MB LPDDR2 DRAM
[* yellow] Samsung [|S4LN045X01-8030|new_window=true] MDX Controller
[* icon_note] This is a well-established form factor for SATA 3 SSDs, so finding an upgrade or replacement will be as easy as [|something that's really easy|new_window=true].
[* black] But wait, there's more! This SSD comes complete with an [|unremarkable underside|new_window=true].