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[* black] With the motherboard removed, let's take a look at what this XPS is packing:
[* red] 5th Generation Intel [|Core i5-5200U|new_window=true] Processor (3M Cache, up to 2.70 GHz) with Intel HD Graphics 5500
[* orange] Winbond [|25Q64FVS10|new_window=true] 64M-bit Serial Flash Memory
[* yellow] Microchip Technologies [|MCP23017|new_window=true] 16-bit input/output port expander with interrupt output
[* green] Texas Instruments [|CSD97374Q4M|new_window=true] High Frequency Synchronous Buck NexFET Power Stage
[* light_blue] Texas Instruments [|TPS51624|new_window=true] 4.5V to 28V, 1/2-Phase Step-Down Driverless Controller
[* blue] ANPEC [|APW8813/A|new_window=true] DDR2 And DDR3 Power Solution Synchronous Buck Controller With 1.5A LDO

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