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[* icon_caution] Due to the construction of the 4th generation Touch, the digitizer cable cannot be disconnected until the logic board is removed. Use extreme caution when handling the front panel assembly, as it is attached to the rest of the Touch by the very delicate digitizer cable.
[* icon_caution] Also, the display data cable is very short and is connected to the logic board near the top of the front panel assembly. If it does not become disconnected while freeing the top edge of the front panel assembly, be sure to disconnect it with an iPod opening tool before rotating the front panel assembly out of the Touch.
[* black] Carefully pull the top of the front panel assembly away from the adhesive holding it to the Touch, minding the short digitizer cable connecting the two components.
[* black] You also want to carefully pry up the Wi-Fi antenna, located at the top left corner, from the broken front panel to the insides of the Touch. Be careful not to damage the antenna in the process.