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-[* black] Here lies the iPod Touch.
-[* black] We've been busy ripping apart iPods this week. We've got [link|/Teardown|teardowns] of both the [guide|3563|new Nano] and [guide|3559|new Shuffle].
+[* black] ***iPod Touch 4th Generation Repairability: 4 out of 10*** (10 is easiest to repair)
+[* green] Good: Opening the device is pretty straightforward, as long as you have a heat gun and some iPod Touch opening tools handy.
+[* green] Good: The headphone jack is not soldered to the logic board, a first for the iPod Touch line.
+[* red] The front glass and LCD are permanently fused together, increasing the cost of repairing broken front glass.
+[* red] Removing the display completely requires removing the logic board
+[* red] Apple soldered the volume button and sleep button cable to the logic board. The previous Touch had a ZIF connector. This makes removing logic board very difficult.
+[* red] The battery is still soldered to the logic board, just like previous models.