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[* black] There are a few more chips at the other end of the logic board.
[* red] On the far left is a 338S0859 chip. It's similar to the Cirrus Logic audio codec of the iPhone 4 (338S0589).
- [* yellow] The new Gyroscope is very similar to that one of the iPhone 4. Here it's called AGD8 2032.
- [* orange] There is also another chip which can be found on the iPhone 4, it's called 2032 33DH. On the iPhone, the gyroscope and this chip are packed together near the A4-processor.
+ [* yellow] The new AGD8 2032 gyroscope is very similar to that one of the iPhone 4.
+ [* orange] The 2032 33DH chip is found next to the gyroscope. It seems this chip was packaged in the same die with the gyroscope in the iPhone 4.
[* black] You can clearly see the 30 pins of the dock connector, located just below the row of chips.