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[* icon_note] This step is performed with the motherboard out of the chassis.
[* black] Insert a machine screw through each of the four holes around the CPU heat sink, with their heads on the back side of the board.
[* black] While holding the head of the screw, place a nylon washer '''then''' a metal washer over the threads.
[* icon_caution] The order of the washers is important. '''Do not''' put the metal washer on first.
[* red] Using the large flathead screwdriver bit, thoroughly tighten the screws into the CPU heat sink. Don't be afraid of over-tightening the screws.
[* icon_caution] When attaching the CPU heat sink, be sure the fins are aligned with the air flow from the fans (as seen in the third picture). Having the flat side of the fins perpendicular to the air flow will cause your Xbox 360 to overheat.
[* icon_reminder] Repeat the same process to attach your GPU heat sink.