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+[* black] ***The battery is in sight!*** - keep in mind that ***without a heat gun (or very least hair dryer), this step will be impossible***, as the adhesive that secures the battery to the back of the phone is very strong
+[* icon_caution] The objective is to remove the battery with the least amount of stress possible. Although it may not be likely on its own, ***bending lithium-polymer batteries will break their internal seals, and CAN EVEN CAUSE THEM TO EXPLODE!***
+[* icon_reminder] I will not be held liable for anyone's attempt on completing this step, or any others for that matter. It is ***AT YOUR OWN RISK***
+[* black] With that in mind, on ***medium heat*** and constantly moving around the entire pad of the battery, heat the area for roughly a minute, or until it is hot to the touch

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