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[* black] Remove the front panel assembly.
[* icon_caution] If the home button ribbon cable sticks to the iPad's rear case, don't try to force it. Gently peel it off the case using a pair of tweezers, and then you can fully remove the front panel assembly.
-[* icon_reminder] During reassembly, to prevent "ghost" or "phantom" touch input issues with your iPad, check to make sure there is a layer of foam or tape covering the metal frame on the back of the glass.
- [* red] These areas, which are part of the digitizer, are covered by foam adhesive on your iPad's original front panel. Some replacement panels leave this area exposed, which can cause it to ground out against other components. You can protect it by adding a layer of very thin insulating tape, such as [product|IF145-113-2|Kapton (polyimide) tape|new_window=true].
+[* red] If you experience "ghost" or "phantom" touch input issues with your new display, this can be resolved by adding a layer of very thin insulating tape, such as [product|IF145-113-2|Kapton (polyimide) tape|new_window=true], to the highlighted areas on the back of the panel. ***iFixit panels come with the proper insulation, and should not require the addition of any tape.***
+ [* icon_reminder] Without the proper insulation, these areas of the digitizer can ground out against other components, causing touch input malfunction.
+ [* icon_note] The insulation is not visible to the naked eye, and is different from the foam dust barrier strips found on many iPads.