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[* icon_note] Additional pairs of 1 GB, 2 GB, or 4 GB FB-DIMMs can be installed in the open DIMM slots. Maximum memory is 32 GB.
[* icon_note] DIMMs must be installed as pairs of identical size and type, from the same vendor. Use the provided illustration, like-colored DIMMs must match.
[* icon_caution] DIMMs for Mac Pro (Early 2008) must fit these specifications:
[* black] 800 MHz, DDR2, FB-DIMMS
[* black] 72-bit wide, 240-pin modules
[* black] 36 memory ICs maximum per DIMM
[* black] Error-correcting code (ECC)
[* icon_note] Important: For proper operation of Mac Pro (Early 2008) computers, Apple recommends using only Apple-approved Mac Pro (Early 2008) FB-DIMMs

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