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[title] Familiarize yourself with a desoldering tool
[* black] Desoldering tools are great for cleaning up mistakes. They're really easy to use!
[* black] Apply a copious amount of solder to the battery pad, as explained in the previous step. [photo with copious solder, iron, and desoldering tool in play]
[* black] Depress the plunger in the desoldering tool until it clicks.
[* black] Heat up the joint until the solder flows.
[* black] Press the tip of the desoldering tool into the pool of solder. Simultaneously press the return button on the tool.
[* black] Whoop! Away goes the solder! Press the plunger down again to release the solder it collected. [photo with iron and desoldering tool in play, solder gone]
[* icon_note] If at any point in this tutorial you make a mistake, just remove the solder from the joint with this method and start that step over.

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