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[title] Check that you have the right parts!
[* black] Maker sure you have the following tools before beginning:
[* red] Soldering Iron
[* orange] 60/40 rosin core leaded solder
[* icon_caution] Do not use unleaded solder! This variant includes a special flux core which is toxic if inhaled.
[* icon_caution] 60/40 lead solder includes lead. Lead is a toxic element, and should be handled carefully. Do not touch your mouth or any other mucus membranes (ear, nose, etc) before washing your hands.
[* blue] Solder sucker
[* violet] A Heavy Object: something with a small footprint, but still heavy enough to hold the PCB in place. We suggest a hockey puck.
[* black] Scotch tape
[* black] Diagonal Cutters