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[* black] Apple soldered the EMI shield onto the communications board, making it challenging for us to show you the chips. Despite this adversity, we pressed forward undaunted, fearlessly unsoldering the board to reveal to you:
[* black] Infineon 337S3754 [|PMB 8878 X-Gold baseband IC] 5Y06115. This part had the Infineon logo in the pre-production unit, but Apple has white-labeled it to obscure the manufacturer. This is the exact same baseband processor as the iPhone 3GS.
[* black] Skyworks [link||SKY77340] Power Amplifier Module
[* black] Three Triquint power amplifier / filters.
[* black] Infineon [link||U6952]
[* black] Numonyx 36MY1EE
[* black] Along the right are three TriQuint power amplifiers: TQM616035A, TQM666032B, and TQM676031A. These are the same three chips that Apple used in the [guide|600|iPhone 3G nearly 2 years ago|stepid=3194].
- [* black] Broadcom [|BCM47501UBG] F01003 P11 949871 SN
+ [* black] Broadcom A-GPS [|BCM47501UBG] F01003 P11 949871 SN