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[* black] Top of communications board from FCC teardown.
+[* black] Infineon [|PMB 8878 X-Gold baseband IC].
+[* black] Skyworks [link||SKY77340] Power Amplifier Module
+[* black] Three Triquint power amplifier / filters.
+[* black] Infineon [link||U6952]
+[* black] Numonyx 36MY1EE
+[* black] Along the right are three TriQuint power amplifiers: TQM616035A, TQM666032B, and TQM676031A. These are the same three chips that Apple used in the [guide|600|iPhone 3G nearly 2 years ago|stepid=3194].
+[* black] What's the Broadcom in the upper left hand corner?