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[* black] Back to the bottom of the phone is another very small board almost like a piece of metal tape. Its held down by a small screw. Remove the screw and peel up the piece im 99% sure its strictly for grounding purposes but none the less is still important
[* black] TIP: when having to pry up circuit or logic boards or small pieces like this its best to start where a screw was removed often the area is reinforced and protected
[* black] You should now have just the screen assembly. I didnt remove the LCD or digitzer because it dosnt seem like they are meant to be taken out and the same parts be put back in. I've found separate and full screen assemblies on the web but Ive also read LG is making it quite affordable to repair the screen by sending it to them
[* black] As always heres a look at it all
[* black] For reassembly start from the very last step and go back in order. REMEMBER fellow fixiteers either repair or recycle

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