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[* black] Find the white tag on your garment. The tag may be located in the inside back collar, the inside side seam of the garment, or along a sleeve.
[* black] Flip the white tag to the back side.
[* black] Look for either the word "ITEM" or the word "STYLE" on the back of the tag.
[* red] The number that follows is your style number.
[* black] The letter and number that follow the style number represent the season, F for Fall or S for Spring, and the last digit of the year the item was sold in.
[* black] You can look up the Item number on [] in order to find out the name of your garment. All you have to do is download one of the certificates of conformance to view the item's Product Description.
[* black] For example, item #23730 is called the "M's Fore Runner 1/4 Zip" when looked up on its certificate.