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[* black] Apple's iterative streamlining is again in effect, with a slimmed down and beautified CPU heat sink.
[* icon_note] We compared this new heat sink to last November's bigger, beefier, and more securely-fastened [guide|11936|spidery mess|stepid=42506], and started to wonder what changed to allow such a slender 'sink.
[* black] The truth was alarming—'''the CPU is soldered in place''' on the logic board, and cannot be removed, replaced, or upgraded.
[* icon_note] As far as we can tell, this is the [|first aluminum iMac] to have a soldered CPU; it's a silent, but clear, shift to even poorer iMac upgradeability.
[* black] 21.5-inch: 2.9GHz corei5 CPU is upgradeable and the double side sticky strips for the the 2012 model work on this late 2013 model as well.