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[* black] All we're left with is a serious case of the blues.
[* black] Standing next to its sibling, iPhone 5s, the colorful 5c case looks very similar in structure.
[* black] The most noticeable difference is (unsurprisingly) the material.
[* black] The less ''visibly'' noticeable difference is weight: A greater mass of plastic is required to match the strength and durability of a lesser mass of aluminum. The 5c rear case is way heavier: 43.8 g vs 25.9 g for the 5s.
[* black] Nestled within the polycarbonate backing, is a steel frame that serves as an antenna and structural support.
[* black] As we approach the end of our teardown, we think we have solved the mystery of iPhone naming convention: [|and here it is.]