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[* black] The Power Mac G4 MDD: the last, and the fastest G4-based Mac. This computer boasted up to a Dual 1.42GHz PowerPC G4 CPU (though I have a single 1.25GHz).
[* red] Six USB ports.
[* green] Four FireWire ports.
[* blue] Assorted SCSI (SCSI50/SCSI68)
[* orange] Assorted Audio
[* yellow] Video (ADC & DVI)
[* violet] Networking (RJ-45 Ethernet/56k Modem)
-[* black] Some later model MDD's (such as the dual 1.42GHz) Have a FireWire 800 Port Here:
+[* black] The MDD line was dropped in 2002, when Apple released the Firewire 800 (FW800) Power Mac G4 (ref: []