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-[* black] Inspect the chair to see which wheel is loose.
-[* black] Tighten the outer bolt with a 19 mm socket wrench.
+[title] Fix a bike for yourself! only for 5 years old to do and see.
+[* black] First grab a wrench and toss it at your neighbors door!
+[* black] Grab a needle and poke all the wheels!
+[* black] Grab a hammer and start smashing the bike.
+[* black] Tell your mom if you can borrow her money and go to the toy store that is in front of the house. (If mom takes you and she sees the bike,Go back to step 98767634)
+[* black] spend all the money on the toy aisle
+[* black] Realize your forgot to throw away your bike and now your screwed!
+[* black] Be happy!