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[* black] ***''Tamper Assembly Removed - Bottom''***
[* black] You can see some growth (mold?!) on the bottom of the tamper in these photo and a little elsewhere.
[* black] I think this is because if I don't empty out the grounds often enough and have a little mold growth there.
[* black] I would love to solve this mold growth problem but can't think of an easy solution? (UV light?,) I tried leaving a small amount of a dilute bleach solution in the ground collector but that stank and did not work. White vinegar, perhaps..? So now I just try to empty the grounds and rinse at least once a day.
[* black] ***''So that is it...!?''*** This is as far as I have disassembled, fixed and cleaned this beloved family member. I will try to read comments and improve it and add to it if I do more. Hopefully you found this useful - thanks for reading it!
+[* black] If you want to disassemble more follow [guide|98142|this guide].