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[* black] This is the front of the Kenmore washer. It was actually made by Whirlpool, but sold by Sears.
[* black] Sears appliance service came to my house (I paid them). I assumed the circuit board inside was faulty, but the guy said "no it's the touchpad". He had experienced this many times. When he looked up the part number he said it was obsolete. OK, "that means expensive, right?" - I said. He said "no, it's not available, ANYWHERE". :-(
[* black] But going to ebay, and looking at dozens of replacement Kenmore parts, we picked one that looked very similar. We took a chance but for $40, versus a new dishwasher for $500, we did it. And: the seller took 30 day returns!
+[* black] ***Safety:*** Turn off the circuit breaker that powers your dishwasher. You might short circuit a wire and that would be bad.