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-[* black] ***From Miro:***
- [* black] Check out the third image on this step. This is what I did in Photoshop Elements:
- [* black] Lighten Shadows 25%
- [* black] Auto-Levels (Command-Shift-L)
- [* black] Went into Levels and adjusted white slider in "Input Levels" to make the image brighter.
- [* black] The image still suffers from over-saturation of color, but that would take a long time to fix. I suggest you process all the images for your guides through Photoshop or a similar program using the steps above, or adjust white balance on your camera and re-take the photos.
+[* black] To remove the back casing, press down on the chrome button.
+ [* black] While pressing the button, slide the blue casing down.