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[* black] Reattach all brackets and posts from the old hard drive onto the new enclosure.
[* black] Reattach the iMac's wide SATA data cable to the new temperature-capable SATA cable. Route it out of the way.
[* black] Reattach the iMac's SATA power cable to the SSD enclosure.
[* black] Trace the two-wire temperature cable you disconnected from the old hard drive. It should end at a socket on the motherboard.
[* black] Note which side of the socket connects to the black wire.
[* black] Disconnect and remove the old temperature cable. You will no longer need it.
[* black] Connect the two-wire red-black temperature cable to the same motherboard connector, matching black wire sides. Route the cable out of the way.
[* icon_reminder] Continue to follow the instructions in the hard drive guide to re-assemble your iMac.