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[* black] While the bottom edge is being heated by the iOpener, begin releasing the adhesive from the right edge of the iPad.
[* black] Slide the opening pick down along the edge of the iPad, releasing the adhesive as you go.
[* icon_caution] The adhesive is very strong, and some serious force may be required. Work carefully.
[* icon_note] If you can see the tip of the opening pick underneath the front glass, pull the pick out just a little bit. While using the opening pick this deep won't damage anything, it may get adhesive residue all over the LCD.
[* icon_note] Sliding horizontally is one key to keeping the glass as intact as possible, which makes removal easier. Attempting to pry upward or twist the pick may result in shattering, which creates many shards that must each be removed, complicating the process.